About VTunnel Proxy Server

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VTunnelProxy.org is a free proxy server, designed to keep you anonymous whilst you browse the internet through it.

This is possible because when you browse through VTunnel it is essentially *masking* your IP address with that of its own.

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This means that when you visit any website through this proxy site, it seems as if you are arriving from a different location that you are actually at.

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VTunnel Network:

As a result of this, by using this proxy server you can visit websites such as Facebook or YouTube that might have normally been blocked by local network restrictions. At the same time VTunnel also increases your anonymitiy online and in doing so adds another layer of privacy onto yourself when you use this site.

This proxy site currently runs the latest and most uptodate proxy script on the market. Glype 1.4.4, this ensure that you will have the best browsing experience possible when using this site.